What does the Friends of Madison County Library do?

The Friends of the Madison County Library provides support for ongoing and "one-of-a-kind" programs at the Madison County Library.  We do this through participation in these programs, and by providing funding as needed.  We also contribute much-needed funding to allow your library to purchase computers, audio-visual equipment, books, movies and music for the community's enjoyment.


Friends works closely with the Library Director to be sure that our goals are in tune with the library's needs, plans and ambitions for Madison County.  We strive to be familiar with the issues that the library faces, and we work as advocates, formally and informally, on the library's behalf.


For more information about what the Friends of Madison County Library does, please see About Us.


Doesn't the Federal, state or county government pay for the library? Why do you need me?

While its true that government funds pay for most of the library's day-to-day activities, the availability of this funding isn't always reliable.  In fact, government support for the Madison County Library has been reduced from time to time, based on decisions at various levels of government.

Vital offerings, like the Children's Summer Reading Program, the Read With Me Program for at-risk children, the Adult Reading Program, and the READ Program for adults wishing to improve their reading skills, would not be possible without financial support from the Friends.  And, with funding from Friends, the library is able to offer the community more books, music, movies and computer services than could be supported by government funds alone.

What kinds of people join Friends?

Members of the Friends of Madison County Library are people like you.  We value the library as an indispensable community resource for all of us.  We're civic-minded folks, who know that any community becomes a better community when its library is strong.

Friends of the Madison County Library members come from every background, every age group and every interest level.  Most members call Madison County their home (many in Marshall), while others live outside the county.  And a few even reside in other states.  But we all have one thing in common... our love of the Madison County Library, and our desire to help the library continue to be a valuable, vital resource for the community.

For more information about what kinds of people join Friends, please see About Us.


What benefits do I get by becoming a Friend?

Other writings about the benefits of membership in Friends of Madison County Library describe tangible rewards:

  • Members-only presale hours during Friends book sale fundraisers
  • Eligibility for membership at the Local Government Federal Credit Union (at the SECU location in Marshall)
  • Free CD/DVD cleaning at the library
  • Home delivery of the library's weekly What's New newsletter by e-mail
  • Voting rights at Friends of the Library meetings

But let's be honest.  Most members don't join Friends because of these extra incentives.  They join because they love their library, and they want it to remain healthy and grow.

My budget is really tight. How can I help the library without it costing anything?

“Let me count the ways!”

We know that even the inexpensive Friends annual membership dues can be difficult to come by sometimes.  But please don't let that stop you from doing what you can... and want to do.

You don't need to be a Friends member to help the Madison County Library.  If you have an occasional hour or two to contribute directly to the library, please talk with the people at the circulation desk.  They'll be happy to help you... and have you help them.

Or we always need extra hands in planning and conducting Friends-sponsored events, like the annual book sale.  Whether you can contribute a day or an hour, your help will always be welcome.

Although only members can vote at Friends meetings, ideas and suggestions from members and non-members alike are what keeps Friends of Madison County Library fresh and strong.  Please consider sharing your thoughts with us at one of our meetings at the library, at 6:00pm on the third Thursday of every month.

Finally, please check out this news item from the Friends' web site:  A FREE and easy way that you can help...

How much of a time commitment am I in for if I join Friends?

That's up to you.  We want you to be as involved in the Friends - and in your library - as you want to be.  Meetings are held monthly, special events are organized throughout the year, and some projects are ongoing.  But you decide for yourself what your participation will be.

You may wish to join, but not actively participate.  Or you may want to attend monthly meetings, but not serve on a committee.  Or you might decide to become totally involved, serving as an officer, managing a fund-raising program or working on a particular event.  Whatever role you choose, you will be welcomed and appreciated.

For more information about what's involved in being a Friend, please see About Us.

How can I become a Friend?

It's easy!

Just ask for a Friends membership application card at the Madison County Library circulation desk.  Or you can join online.   Contact Us  if you have questions.

When does Friends of Madison County Library meet?

The Friends of Madison County Library meet in the community room of the library, 1335 N. Main St., Marshall.  Meetings begin at 6:00pm (sharp) on the third Thursday of every month, typically last no more than 90 minutes, and are open to the public.  For more information, please Contact Us.

How can I donate to Friends?

Some supporters make monthly contributions to Friends of Madison County Library through charitable payroll deductions at work.  One-time gifts are also greatly appreciated!  Library staff at the circulation desk in Marshall will be happy to accept your donation during normal library hours.  Or you can donate online.  For another way to support your library, please check out this news item from the Friends' web site:  A FREE and easy way that you can help...

Are my membership dues/donations tax-deductible?

The Friends of Madison County Library is a registered 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.  As such, your membership dues and any other donations may be tax-deductible in the same way that your donations to other charitable groups are.  If in doubt, please consult your tax specialist.


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